UniLend integrates FTM and Fantom synthetic assets

UniLend integrates FTM and Fantom synthetic assets

We're excited to announce that UniLend will support FTM and Fantom synthetic assets, such as fUSD and fEUR, to start, and more to come.

UniLend will allow trading, lending, and borrowing of Fantom native assets, and the Fantom Foundation will provide the liquidity to bootstrap to ensure a smooth launch.

Lending is required for derivatives, and it allows a basic level of longing and shorting on leverage creating a more healthy value.

Therefore, listing FTM on Ethereum lending platforms opens up many token syncs such as leveraged yield farming, deeper liquidity for DEX'es, and it significantly increases capital utilization for FTM itself because people can get access to exposure in other assets without reducing FTM exposure during short term shakiness.
UniLend alpha testnet is live, and beta testnet and mainnet are expected in Q1 2021.

Stay tuned! We're going to host CO-ama's in our Telegram and Discord channels.

About UniLend

UniLend is a permission-less decentralized protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and borrowing services through smart contracts—unlocking the true potential of Decentralized Finance by welcoming every ERC20 token to DeFi in a permissionless way.

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About Fantom

The Fantom Foundation is committed to building open-source, decentralized, DAG-based distributed ledgers with aBFT consensus. It aims to create fast, secure, and scalable technologies across various industries, allowing organizations, businesses, and individuals to develop decentralized and secure applications, solving real-world problems.

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