Fantom General Update | August 23 2021

Fantom General Update | August 23 2021

Your bi-weekly update of the Fantom ecosystem.

Smart Contracts can now utilize Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network for high-quality, tamper-proof, and low latency price feeds. Accurate price feeds empower many DeFi functions, such as rebasing mechanics of algorithmic stablecoins, settling futures and options contracts, determining accurate staking rewards in liquidity pools, calculating collateralization ratios in lending and borrowing protocols, decentralized liquidation engines and much more.

This native integration was made possible by a grant given to block42 through the Chainlink Community Grant Program.

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An introduction to Fantom CBDC

Fantom is not only providing the infrastructure for your favorite DeFi applications, but is also involved in the research and development of CBDC (central bank digital currency).

👉 Read our new article to get an overview of what the team has been working on in this area.

Fantom x Graviton

Graviton enables seamless cross-chain transfers of wrapped assets. Its products include bridge aggregators, cross-chain wallets, and LP reward farming products.

What does this mean for Fantom?

  • Inflow of new assets
  • Better liquidity through incentives

Graviton is currently in testing and will be launched within the next weeks. You will be able to earn rewards for providing liquidity to pools containing wrapped versions of Fantom-native tokens.

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Fantom X Orion Protocol AMA recap

You can now read a written recap of the AMA with Simone and John from Fantom and Timothea from Orion, hosted by FTMAlerts.

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Fantom Foundation is rewarding Curve voters

The Fantom Foundation is providing $100k worth of $FTM as rewards via for those who vote for the fantom-fudst pool on

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Decentralized 2FA coming to Fantom

Shield Protocol will be bringing its 2FA security solution to Fantom. The Fantom wallet will get integrated into the Shield Protocol app on August, 24.

Shield provides the first 2FA on the blockchain, with no data collection or centralized storage.

Network Stats

Fantom reaches $492m TVL, a new all-time-high!

📺 Watch the Fantom roundtable hosted by FTMAlerts. Members of the Fantom Foundation, Spirit Swap, Reaper Farm and Yield Monitor talked about all things Fantom DeFi.