Fantom General Update | 18th May 2020

Fantom General Update | 18th May 2020

Our new website

We recently launched a renovated version of our website, implementing some significant changes to improve the accessibility of information about Fantom. We've added extensive articles about exactly how our consensus protocol can achieve near-instant finality as well as guides on how to use the Fantom Wallet, the Fantom Bridge, and all our other ecosystem tools. A regularly updated 2020 roadmap gives the community a direct insight into what we're working on, and what we've completed each quarter. A dedicated enterprise page gives us the opportunity to tailor how we present information about Fantom to potential integrators, answering their common questions all in one place.

Live Chat for Technical Support

In tandem with the launch of the new website, we've moved our support channels from Discord over to a live chat feature on-site (in the bottom right-hand corner of each page). This move increases security for FTM holders and reduces the impact of malicious actors on our community. Discord will remain the home of our community chat, but any requests for technical support will be directed to the website.

Opera's first SFC Upgrade

The Special Fee Contract (SFC) was upgraded to version 1.1.0-rc1, to give much-anticipated functionality to FTM stakers. It's now possible to increase the delegation amount from a single wallet, as well as unstake partial amounts.

Note that you have to claim all the pending rewards associated with an address before you carry out any of these functions; claimed rewards are still not withdrawable until the reward unlock date, and will still be burned if you unstake beforehand.

An updated guide for accessing these new functions via MyEtherWallet, including the new ABI, can be found here.

We're currently finalizing the new PWA wallets that will also be able to make use of these new functions and significantly improve the user experience of all FTM holders across mobile, desktop and web platforms. A release date will be communicated shortly.

May Monthly AMA

A reminder that our monthly AMA will take place on Wednesday 20th May at 12 PM UTC, in our Discord server.