Fantom and DABS, the details

Fantom and DABS, the details

We recently formalized the beginning of a technology pilot for DABS. Let's look at it more in depth.

DABS, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, is Afghanistan's national and fastly growing electricity company. It manages and operates energy production, import, transmission, and distribution across the country.

The Government of Afghanistan and the most prominent institutions in the country are looking into ways to use the latest technologies to optimize efficiency and automation.

Currently, the electricity system runs on outdated databases and business systems that are due for an upgrade. After exploring different solutions, DABS decided to test Fantom's blockchain-based proposal.

Unlike alternative systems, the Fantom blockchain-based ERP and MIS suite enables maximum transparency and allows complete digitization of the processes and disintermediation.


A blockchain is a fully decentralized, immutable, and always accessible ledger. The data that it contains can't be tampered with in any way. In the case of DABS, it means that all the information is auditable at any time and ultimately future proof, as the records can't get lost, closing all payment loopholes.


A blockchain-based system allows for automations that weren't possible before. Customers can be sure that they're paying for what they're consuming and nothing more. The company can use the data for more in-depth analysis and optimizations, cutting unnecessary costs, and delivering a better service.


Closely related to the previous points, blockchain renders intermediaries useless. In legacy systems, the many steps make it easy for third-parties to add their fees and overcharge the end-users. Blockchain cuts all that.

The pilot program

The prototype consists of a sample database migration, an ERP suite, and a CRM platform. Let's see what each of these mean.

Fantom will migrate DABS' current database from a traditional system to a blockchain-enabled solution, increasing resilience and security.

Fantom will also build a bespoke ERP. An ERP, short for enterprise resource planning, is a suite of integrated applications that an organization can use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from many business activities.

A blockchain-based ERP simplifies auditability of company records – increasing their security as well – allowing for automations, thus increasing speed and optimization of internal processes and workflows.

Lastly, the prototype features a CRM platform. A Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM Platform) is an application to manage interactions with customers, a vital part of any successful customer-oriented business.

A blockchain-based CRM increases records' security and allows for automations that reduce time and costs, ultimately improving the customer experience.

The ERP and CRM will use Fantom Opera to store hashes. The system will interact with the public chain using FTM.

Under the hood

Alongside the development team's ongoing expansion, we're now more efficient in app development and ready to deliver future enterprise and government applications.

Our team has prepared reusable components for much faster development of all future apps, and we're going to use the same tech stack we used for Fantom Finance.

We also put effort into ensuring compatibility with ARIA, a future requirement for government applications. Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) is a set of attributes to make web content and web applications more accessible to people with disabilities.


The pilot program with DABS is an ambitious project that will allow us to showcase the potential of Fantom blockchain-based solutions. If the pilot is successful, as we believe, we'll move to full-scale implementation, adding new revenue streams that we'll use to build and keep improving the tech.