ZenLedger adds support for Fantom

ZenLedger adds support for Fantom

We are excited to announce that ZenLedger, the premier web app for crypto tax reporting, now supports Fantom.

As tax deadlines approach, ZenLedger’s streamlined UI offers easy and accurate solutions that help users organize records from even the most complex DeFi portfolios.

By simply inputting a wallet address, Fantom users can pull all relevant transaction data from the blockchain. The ZenLedger Resolution Center helps users correctly categorize transactions, and the system automates the rest to generate tax forms. ZenLedger integrates with TurboTax for easy filing.

ZenLedger is designed to meet the needs of users taking advantage of the diversity of dApps on the Fantom network; the ZenLedger platform supports the following transaction types on Fantom:

  • Liquidity Pool
  • Staking
  • Zap
  • Farm
  • Swap/Trade
  • Borrow
  • Repayment
  • Claim Reward
  • Bridge

What’s more, ZenLedger offers responsive support and extensive educational resources addressing the complex regulations around crypto taxes in the US.

Traders and tax professionals turn to ZenLedger for its vast array of features and 500+ integrations with exchanges and blockchain protocols. Visit the ZenLedger website to learn more, or read on for a short guide assembled by the ZenLedger team for new Fantom users.

How to do taxes with ZenLedger

Step 1 – Import Fantom address

Import your Fantom public receiving address to create a complete crypto tax report.

Step 2 – Review transactions

Review transactions to ensure that you've imported successfully. ZenLedger recognizes FTM and Fantom tokens. Our custom-built resolution center will help you identify any missing or questionable transactions to ensure accurate reports.

Step 3 – Download your paperwork

Instantly generate and sign your tax forms including Form 8949, Schedule 1, and Schedule D. Also included are our exclusive Tax-Loss Harvesting tool and Grand Unified Accounting reports.

About ZenLedger

Founded in 2017, and built by industry veterans in technology, finance, and accounting, ZenLedger aggregates user transaction information across thousands of exchanges, wallets, and tokens into one simple dashboard, making it easy to calculate tax liability and make financial decisions. ZenLedger helps cryptocurrency investors and tax professionals stay compliant with integration support for over 400+ exchanges, 40+ blockchains, 20+ DeFi protocols, NFTs, and all wallets.

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About Fantom

Fantom is a fast, scalable, and secure layer-1 EVM-compatible platform built on a permissionless aBFT consensus protocol. On Fantom, transactions are confirmed in 1 second and cost a fraction of a cent. Speed, low transaction costs, and high throughput make Fantom ideal for DeFi applications and real-world use-cases.

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