Road to Consensus ‒ FTM Alerts

Road to Consensus ‒ FTM Alerts

Does FTM Alerts need an introduction? For just over one year, FTM Alerts has produced a YouTube channel featuring informational videos and far-reaching discussions about the Fantom ecosystem. Founded by Austin and now directed by both Austin and Clay, FTM Alerts is a linchpin in the Fantom community.

On Saturday, June 11, FTM Alerts will join Michael Kong and prominent Fantom ecosystem members on stage at Consensus 2022 to share their insights on Fantom, DeFi, and more.

1. What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

Austin: Connecting with the builders (and community) in person and learning what the next wave of tech is going to look like. Meeting people online is great but there is something special about getting face to face.

It is an experience that I remember vividly from Fantom DC and I expect even greater things from Consensus.

Clay: I’m most looking forward to networking with blockchain, Web3, and crypto enthusiasts from all spheres of the ecosystem. Diversity of thoughts and opinions drives this space forward while also allowing for personal growth through education. Additionally, the opportunity to present at such an incredible conference, like Consensus, is truly a dream-fulfilling moment for me. I have profound enthusiasm for presenting and love to bring a level of high enthusiasm to the topic at hand.

2. What will you be speaking about?

Austin: The Fantom Defi eco-system and what is possible on Fantom that isn't possible elsewhere.

Special features for Beethoven-X and Liquid Driver ;-)

Clay: We will be speaking about the Power User Influencer from the perspective of the Fantom chain. We will be taking people through a journey of humble beginnings, shifting into the fusion of innovation, partnership, and community bonds that make Fantom unique. We will be highlighting Beethoven X and Liquid Driver protocols as examples of what makes Fantom such a sticky ecosystem for the Power User Influencer.

Austin: My hope is to give newcomers to Fantom a vision of what is possible and a desire to become immersed in what we have going on. The Defi and NFT landscape is going to grow in a big way over this coming year and the ones with their finger on the pulse will be positioned in a very unique and hopefully profitable way.

Clay: The one key Fantom-related point I want people to remember is that the community that’s been built on Fantom cannot be forked. It is organic, welcoming, and ever-expanding. It is the lifeblood of the Fantom ecosystem and the type of environment that’s so inviting that once you’re here, you’re here to stay.