Opera Upgraded: 2,000 TPS at Sub-Second Finality

Opera Upgraded: 2,000 TPS at Sub-Second Finality

We’re thrilled to share that the upgrade of the existing Opera chain has reached its necessary 66% consensus level, marking its official launch.

This launch date aligns with the expectations set at the start of Sonic's testnet phase in October last year, and we're pleased that we've stayed on track without any delays due to our diligent progress.

With the introduction of the new Sonic network, we’ll continue to use the name “Opera” for this chain, even as it’s powered by the same technology outlined in this article.

Opera Upgraded

With this best-in-class technology, Opera is now capable of processing over 180 million daily transactions with sub-second confirmation times. The upgraded Opera chain will continue to operate indefinitely for the foreseeable future.

Per our previous blog post, Opera can now be expected to achieve: 

  • ~2,000 TPS at ~1-second finality — variable/mixed/complex transactions
  • ~4,000 TPS at ~1.3-second finality — token swaps
  • ~10,000 TPS at ~1.6-second finality — token transfers
  • ~66% storage requirement decrease — validator nodes
  • ~95% operational cost reduction — archive nodes 

As transaction volume increases, we’ll be undertaking additional testing and data collection on the network’s improved performance, to provide updates on the chain’s capabilities in practice.  

We’re excited about Opera’s upgraded capabilities and remain committed to ensuring all our partners have access to our innovative technology.

Moreover, we look forward to sharing more details about our upcoming chain’s technology, tokenomics, audience engagement programs, partnerships, brand, and strategic direction in the coming weeks and months.

For now, be prepared to enjoy a new era of blockchain innovation with our upgrade of the Opera chain!