Meme Season Round 1 — Winners Announced

Meme Season Round 1 — Winners Announced

Today, we're excited to announce the winners of the 1st round of Meme Season on Opera, leading up to the launch of Sonic!

Meme Season is a dynamic and engaging competition designed to cast a spotlight on the top memecoins on Opera and the upcoming Sonic chain. The competition aims to get sFTMx into the hands of new and existing community members, providing them with the opportunity to experience our innovative technology and growing ecosystem.

The 1st round spanned from June 1–30 and offered 1,000,000 sFTMx (over 1,120,000 in underlying FTM) in prizes to the top 3 memecoins, determined by their market cap, gas usage, DEX volume, and qualifying wallets. 80% of the prize goes to memecoin holders, weighted based on their holdings, and 20% goes to the memecoin team.

Congratulations to the winners (shown in detail on Dune Analytics and GitHub)! Check them out below, and stay tuned for Meme Season's 2nd round, which will feature some exciting changes.

1st Place | HOOPS


2nd Place | THC


3rd Place | sGOAT


Prize Distribution

Distribution of the sFTMx rewards will begin Monday, July 8, and will take time to distribute. Please be patient as we run the distribution.

Once completed, if you’re a winner, you will see your sFTMx in your wallet and on FTMScan as an incoming transaction under the Token Transfers (ERC-20) tab.

If you own a wallet that won over 10,000 USD of sFTMx (which a total of 6 users did), you’re subject to KYC as outlined in our Terms and Conditions. To proceed, please:

  • Send an email to
  • Via email, you’ll be provided with instructions to confirm ownership of the wallet on-chain and a link to complete KYC verification.
  • Once ownership is confirmed and KYC is completed, your prize will be released.
  • Users have 14 days from the publishing of this blog post to complete KYC and receive their prize.