fWallet: Introducing Release 1.1

fWallet: Introducing Release 1.1

When the Fantom Foundation unveiled the brand-new fWallet, we made a promise to offer a seamless way to navigate and interact with Fantom.

Today, we are thrilled to expand on that promise by sharing the details of the two latest updates that bring several exciting enhancements to the fWallet!

fWallet 1.0.1 Release Notes

Adding FTM Warning
Prior to staking, the fWallet will now warn users when it is not possible to add staked FTM to an existing locked delegation with the validator.

Validator Owner Detection
The fWallet now detects if the connected wallet is the validator owner, in which case it is possible to extend the validator lock time.

fWallet 1.1 Release Notes

FTM Dust
Enhanced staking functionality now accommodates smaller FTM amounts. Regardless of the FTM amount, all delegations will show as active. Any staking action will aim to remove any FTM dust.

Batch Voting
Voting on proposals now includes an All votes option in the delegation dropdown, which casts your vote using all of your active, unvoted delegations. The fWallet will initiate one transaction per delegation.

11 Languages Available
The fWallet is now available in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian, with more coming.

Withdraw Requests Counter
The Withdraw tab on the Staking page of the fWallet now includes a counter that displays the number of pending withdraw requests you have.

Proposal Waiting Period
All newly-created proposals will now become visible and live after one hour.

Session Preferences
The fWallet will now save your chosen preferences between browser sessions.

This release included minor bug fixes and UI improvements. Furthermore, we have had to disable transaction batching for Ledger connections, including the Compound all and Claim all features on the Staking page and the All votes option for proposals. We will reintroduce these features for Ledger devices in the near future.