fWallet: Introducing Release 1.1.1

fWallet: Introducing Release 1.1.1

fWallet continues to offer a seamless way to navigate and interact with Fantom, and we are excited to share the latest updates to the wallet below!

fWallet 1.2 Release Notes

WalletConnect v2
fWallet now supports WalletConnect v2, which continues to offer effortless connectivity for most wallets.

Viewable Governance
The Governance page of fWallet can now be viewed without having a wallet connected, enhancing accessibility.

Software Wallet Export
Software wallet users can now export their private keys and mnemonic phrases through fWallet.

Fantom Name Service
The Send page of fWallet now supports Fantom Name Service, allowing users to send tokens to custom domains.

This release included minor bug fixes and improvements.