Frontier x Fantom: DeFi integration

Frontier x Fantom: DeFi integration

We’re excited to announce that Fantom will collaborate with Frontier to simplify the integration of external wallets with Fantom Finance. The integration will support all DeFi functionality, as well as staking FTM.

Frontier is the first middleware layer for wallet composability in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

More than a blockchain-agnostic DeFi wallet app, Frontier serves as an interface for users of other popular crypto wallets to interact with smart contract logic and DeFi applications from within their existing apps. Whether you’re using Metamask, Trust Wallet, or a whole host of other supported wallets, they don’t need to build additional compatibility for Fantom Finance or any other DeFi tools separately - it’s all taken care of by Frontier.

We’ll collaborate with the Frontier team to bring this integration to the Fantom community shortly after the Fantom Finance suite launches. In the meantime, check out the mobile app, and feel free to try any Cosmos-based or Ethereum-based applications through Frontier.

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