Fantom Wallet Upgrade: PWA, Token Interoperability, and more!

Fantom Wallet Upgrade: PWA, Token Interoperability, and more!

We're excited to announce the release of the new Fantom Wallet on all platforms, as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

We've integrated several highly-anticipated features to improve the user experience of FTM holders. For example, PWA functionality, interoperability of the FTM token, and support for the upgraded SFC are all present in the new releases.

Progressive Web Apps are becoming increasingly popular over traditional apps downloaded through an app store. They are easy to update without requiring approval from third parties or maintenance of multiple codebases, perfect for consistently rolling out new features as we plan to over the coming weeks and months. These include Fantom Finance DeFi integration, PIN lock, push notifications, night mode, among others. The PWAs will also be 'wrapped' in a native application shell and pushed to the iOS and Android app stores in future.

An enormous improvement comes in the form of token interoperability. By integrating the 'BNBridge' functionality, swapping to and from Opera FTM is possible from within the wallets; it's an extremely easy and seamless experience. Users merely need to click 'Send' or 'Receive' to produce on-screen instructions that replicate the swap process. Our updated 'How to use the Fantom Wallet' guide reflects these changes, and we'd invite you to read through it before using the new wallet release.

You'll now be able to make use of the new 'Claim Rewards', 'Increase Delegation', and 'Partial Undelegation' functions from within the Fantom Wallet. To do so, head to the Staking menu and see the available options. Please note that before you can increase or decrease your delegation amount you will need to claim any pending rewards, and any undelegations before 24th June will still burn pending and claimed rewards.

To install the new Fantom Wallet, please see instructions for your specific device at the start of our updated wallet guide.

Please note that the old wallets will not be supported moving forward; we will migrate to in the near future. If you have lost access to your mnemonic phrase, keystore file or private key, please make sure to download the keystore file from the old web wallet or move your funds to a new wallet as soon as possible.