Fantom Technical Update | 25th May 2020

Fantom Technical Update | 25th May 2020

Since the last technical update, the team has been working on a variety of different tasks, including unit tests for governance smart contracts, creating a backend and smart contract Oracle for price feeds, improvements to fLend, writing changes in Prometheus to assist in the monitoring and generation of analytics for the live and testnet networks, and the implementation of our CTO Quan Nguyen’s paper on “Fast Stochastic Peer Selection in Proof-of-Stake Protocols”.

We have also made improvements to the Fantom Explorer, including adding a list of smart contracts, being able to verify contract bytecode, and displaying the original uncompiled contract source code.

The team is also in the process of adding bridge integration, pin lock, redelegation, and partial undelegation functionalities into the PWA wallet.


Fantom-SFC Governance