Fantom Technical Update | 10th June 2020

Fantom Technical Update | 10th June 2020

Since the last technical update, the team has been working on improving the efficiency of how the network and nodes interact in certain circumstances to reduce offline time, writing unit tests for the Oracle, modifying the SFC for a potential new rewards schedule, and further increasing the performance of Lachesis.

This week, we also announced the release of the first version of the PWA Fantom Wallet, which contains BNBridge integration, new SFC functions such as increasing delegation, claiming rewards, and partial undelegation functionalities. PIN Lock, redelegation, and many more features will be pushed to the wallets in the near future without a requirement to update manually.

We have also worked on a data hashing smart contract that will be used in Afghanistan and elsewhere; this is free-to-use, open-source technology for anyone to integrate into their dApps or services.


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