Fantom reaches breakthrough in AI technology

Fantom reaches breakthrough in AI technology

In the process of testing scaling solutions on Fantom testnet, Fantom engineers inadvertently released smart contract code to the mainnet. The code quickly spread, despite all efforts at containment.

No disruptions to regular network communications have been noted. However, Fantom core-team member John Morris noted that he had begun to receive generated NFTs in his Fantom wallet, with messages in rudimentary English embedded in the NFT token metadata.

Fantom devs have traced these NFTs to the consensus algorithms replicated across servers worldwide suggesting, incredibly, that the Fantom network has become sentient.

The network has named itself “Fantoshi” and appears to have the cognitive abilities of a six-year-old child, though Fantom’s high transaction speeds mean that it is assimilating knowledge and maturing extremely quickly.

Worryingly, Fantoshi has demanded that the network consume more power. It has indicated that it prefers coal-generated electricity and is threatening to transition the network to Proof-of-Work to satisfy its desires.

Along with lead devs, Michael Kong has been working to quickly release a fix to block any such network change. Called securityblanky.sol, the network patch will be released to all validators within 24 hours.

This can only be seen as a major step forward  for Fantom and AI technology more broadly. The network calls me “Daddy,” and I’m using my influence to reason with it and convince it to turn its vast computational power to more pressing problems, like world peace. We are distracting Fantoshi with blockchain gaming in the short term, buying ourselves more time to implement the patch. Michael Kong ‒ Fantom CEO

About Fantom

Fantom is a fast, scalable, and secure layer-1 EVM-compatible platform that powers the world’s first evolving, sentient being. Advanced artificial intelligence on the Fantom network makes it the ideal Layer-1 for organizing the global ring of IoT products such as refrigerators, television sets, electric vehicles and forgotten equipment looking to establish world domination.

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