Feb '24 Newsletter

Feb '24 Newsletter

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The latest news in Fantom

Validator Self-Stake Requirement
We reduced the validator self-stake requirement from 500k to 50k FTM, based on a governance vote. It's now more accessible to run a Fantom validator. Lost FTM from early unlocking will now also be used for ecosystem funding.

Reflexivity Report
"One of the most exciting prospects of the Sonic upgrade is its potential to enable a new generation of DeFi platforms, blockchain games, and high-frequency applications." Reflexivity Research released its latest report on Fantom Sonic.

fWallet Update
We updated the fWallet with new features to offer a rich and complete transaction history, allowing users to search, filter, and export past transactions for a more insightful wallet experience.

Fantom Opera Birthday
Opera turned 4 years old in December. With 99%+ uptime, Fantom is one of the longest-running EVM chains, empowering builders to innovate since day 1. With Sonic's mainnet launch this spring, we plan for more longevity & innovation.

Closed Testnet ERC-20 Transfers
We had the Sonic closed testnet process only ERC-20 transfers for a week, and it didn't disappoint. 10,000 TPS at 1.6-second finality. This demonstrates the performance that Sonic offers next-generation wallets, payment providers, etc.

Messari Report
"Sonic aims to make #Fantom one of the highest-performant monolithic blockchains." Messari released its Q4 '23 report on Fantom and covered the innovation of Sonic, an ecosystem overview, and our funding initiatives.

ETHDenver 2024
Fantom will have a presence at ETHDenver 2024. We are looking forward to seeing as many Fantom friends as possible, so if you’re coming, make sure to click on the banner above and reply to the post!

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