Fantom General Update | August 09 2021

Fantom General Update | August 09 2021

We are happy to present to you what we’ve been working on the last two weeks.

New consensus whitepaper published

Lachesis, Fantom’s consensus protocol, powers our high performance network.

In the newly published whitepaper, you can learn about all the key concepts and core technologies of it.

👉 To the whitepaper

FTM/USDT pool on Orion Terminal

We are excited to be the first spotlight project on Orion’s newly released Orion Pool v2!

You can:

  • Provide liquidity for the FTM/USDT pool to receive trading fees and ORN rewards
  • Trade FTM at the best price across CEX + DEX
  • No KYC
  • All directly from your FTM wallet

As part of Orion’s Fantom day, Simone and John sat down with Timothea from Orion to discuss everything Fantom.

The podcast was such a success that they later joined FTMAlerts for an AMA.

👉 More info about the FTM/USDT pool on Orion

Video Interview (+ recap) with Fantom COO Barek Sekandari

On July 26, 2021, FTM Alerts invited Fantom COO Barek Sekandari for a one-on-one interview. They were talking about Barek’s role at Fantom, enterprise applications and government projects.

👉 Recap

You can now analyze Fantom dApps with Dappquery

Fantom is now integrated in Dappquery!

Dappquery is a community driven analytics tool for Fantom dApps

  • Create queries, charts and dashboards using drag and drop “Visual SQL” editor
  • Share charts and dashboards with anyone for seamless collaboration.
  • Support for more than a dozen types of charts for best visualizations
  • Blend multiple blockchain protocols data like Price Oracles, IPFS, ENS etc. in one chart along with Fantom contract data.

👉 To the announcement

OKEx wallet and exchange now support mainnet FTM

You can use the Fantom Opera network for fast and cheap transactions to and from OKEx for an easier onboarding experience.

Thank you OKEx for the integration of the Fantom mainnet!

BitKeep wallet adds mainnet FTM support

And another one! BitKeep, a multi-chain mobile wallet, now supports mainnet FTM.

Portfolio tracker Yield Monitor adds Fantom support

You can now monitor your Fantom portfolio with Yield Monitor, a multi-chain portfolio tracker.

Fantom network stats

New milestone unlocked!

We reached more than 300,000 unique addresses on August 3rd. Now the network is standing at 360,000+ addresses.

  • DeFi made it to Fortune Magazine as the spotlight topic of the August/September issue.
  • Paradigm introduces a new type of AMM, called TWAMM.

📰 Simone did an interview with Bitcoinist to explain how Fantom will change the DeFi space.