Fantom General Update | 3rd December 2020

Fantom General Update | 3rd December 2020

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Fantom working with VIDT for blockchain-proof luxury watch certificates

NFTs can be used to anchor physical goods on blockchains to provide tamper-proof authentication. Read how Fantom and VIDT use NFTs to verify the originality of Rolex vintage watches.

How NFTs can be used for luxury goods

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Tutorial: How to be an LP on Fantom AnySwap

Learn how to provide FTM and ANY tokens to earn trading fees in this awesome video by one of our community members.

Fantom developer documentation reworked

We rewrote our developer documentation to make it easy for developers to build on Fantom. Read about Lachesis and how to deploy fast and scalable dApps on Fantom.

Fantom network stats

AnySwap on Fantom is growing. Seven liquidity pools have been deployed so far. Across these pools, 7,896,358 wFTM have been added as liquidity by our community, earning an estimated APY of up to 225%.