Fantom General Update | 14th July 2020

Fantom General Update | 14th July 2020

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Health builds its Smart Medicine pilot program with Fantom

We’re working with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Health to minimize the effects of counterfeit drugs on the country’s healthcare system. By partnering with the ministry and Afghanistan’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers, we’ll track and authenticate 80,000 units across four product categories. We’ll then look to expand the program throughout the latter half of 2020 and beyond.See the full article here.

Opera Staking vote: Fluid Staking will be implemented

There was an on-chain vote to decide the Opera Network’s staking model moving forward. Three options were put forward for FTM holders to choose between: Fluid Staking, Status Quo, and Modified Status Quo.Fluid Staking emerged victorious, with 74% of the weighted vote. The new model, which involves higher rewards for longer lockup periods, will be implemented once testing has been finalized.More on all the staking models considered can be found here.

OKB will be added as collateral to Fantom Finance

OKB, the utility token of OKEx exchange, will be added to Fantom Finance as an eligible collateral type in the coming months. Holders of OKB will be able to mint stablecoins and synthetic assets against their collateral, unlocking functionality such as minting, lending, trading, and liquidity provision within Fantom's DeFi ecosystem.Check out the full announcement article on our blog.