Fantom GameFi Incentives, how to apply

Fantom GameFi Incentives, how to apply

We believe that GameFi, though it is still in the early stages of exploration and development, will be the future of entertainment and gaming. To help promising developers leverage Fantom’s fast, secure, and low-transaction fee network, we have extended our 370M FTM rewards program to projects working on diverse GameFi models.

This incentive program maintains minimum requirements that are different from our rewards program for DeFi projects.


Protocols are rewarded based on their MAU (Monthly Active Users)

There are currently four levels as follows:

  • Indie | 30,000+ MAU = 500,000 FTM
  • Knighthood | 65,000+ MAU = 1,200,000 FTM
  • AAA | 175,000+ MAU = 2,500,000 FTM
  • Global Domination | 300,000+ MAU = 5,000,000 FTM

How to apply

  1. Fill out this form, providing information about your game, including a publicly verifiable, preferably multi-sig team wallet address for reward distribution.
  2. Make sure that your project can show how it transparently tracks its MAU numbers, as we will need to determine your level.
  3. Submit your game on Fantom Projects under the GameFi category

Rewards distribution

Once the Foundation has approved an application, a three-month cliff begins.

Awards are vested monthly over 12 months. E.g. Knighthood = 100,000 FTM a month x 12

If the game's MAU falls below the minimum level during the vesting period, vesting is paused until minimum MAU is reached.

If the MAU of a game that applied for a lower award rises above the required average TVL of a higher tier – for example, from “Indie” to “Knighthood”– that project will receive higher rewards over the remaining vesting period. For MAU’s that dip from one level to a lower level, the inverse will apply.

Use of rewards

We believe that builders and devs know best how to allocate funds, so there are no restrictions on how awards may be used in-game – whether to build the game or to provide incentives.

Supporting high-quality development

While GameFi is in its infancy, we have decided to support quality games seeking to attract a steady user base instead of focusing solely on profit. Accordingly, we will offer as much support as we can to projects that can demonstrate through in-game metrics that they are capable of retaining users over a period of time.

The rationale behind our incentive program is simple: we want projects to have resources to innovate, retain users, and build entertaining games to play. If your project qualifies, consider joining us as we grow our gamer community and bring a new low-fee distribution network of high-quality games to the Fantom ecosystem.

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