Fantom Foundation Forges Strategic Partnership With Google Cloud

Fantom Foundation Forges Strategic Partnership With Google Cloud

We’re excited to announce that we’ve entered into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to launch a series of initiatives incentivizing and empowering developers to build the next generation of dApps on Fantom. 

As part of the partnership, we’ll use Google Cloud’s secure, scalable, and resilient infrastructure as well as its AI capabilities to help developers on Fantom build smarter, safer products that engage users in more meaningful ways. Additionally, Google Cloud will help scale and secure our Opera network by operating a validator, which it intends to migrate to the new Sonic network. 

Michael Kong commented that “we always prioritize taking a developer-first approach, and this latest collaboration is the most recent demonstration of courting all resources to enhance the ecosystem experience. By partnering with Google Cloud, Fantom developers gain access to additional resources and capabilities with more to come soon. With Google Cloud, Fantom is prepared to set a new paradigm for the capabilities and features of blockchain technology.”

Our partnership with Google Cloud is a step toward a significant transformation for Fantom, which coincides with our recent announcement of our new high-throughput chain, Sonic, and the introduction of the Sonic Foundation and Sonic Labs. It also builds on our existing relationship with Google Cloud, which includes Google Cloud indexing Fantom blockchain data in BigQuery as part of its public datasets program.

"Google Cloud is committed to scaling the Web3 ecosystem by empowering founders, enterprises, and developers with secure infrastructure and cutting-edge AI," said Rishi Ramchandani, Head of Web3 APAC. "Our expanded relationship with Fantom, which includes becoming a validator on its network, builds on this mission as we help enable its developers to build more engaging and meaningful applications."  

With Google Cloud, we’ll enable the next wave of dApps to fuel innovation and ecosystem growth. Once the new Sonic network launches, Google Cloud will support Fantom dApps transitioning to the network by offering up to $200k in credits over two years to startups funded by the Foundation through Google Cloud’s Web3 Startup Program. dApps building on Fantom will also be able to connect with Google Cloud’s subject matter experts in AI, Web3, gaming, security, data, and infrastructure to accelerate dApp development. 

To enhance the security of infrastructure managed by the Fantom Foundation, we’ll also implement a multi-layered threat defense system by adopting Google Cloud's AI-driven threat detection and robust vulnerability management, Security Command Center, coupled with a shared-fate responsibility model to ensure collaborative protection against cyber threats. Additionally, we’ll collaborate on promoting Fantom’s bug bounty program to incentivize white-hat hackers to identify potential bugs.