Fantom Finance: Release Schedule

Fantom Finance: Release Schedule

Fantom Finance, our fast and scalable DeFi suite, will be launched at the end of June as planned in our 2020 roadmap. We'll initially start with fLend, allowing you to mint fUSD against your FTM and lend to the liquidity pool, or borrow assets against your collateral. We'll then move to release fTrade, for synthetic asset trading with both long and short positions.

The release will also include the integration of a price feed oracle, a key component to every aspect of Fantom Finance, whether that be minting fUSD, trading synthetic assets, or ensuring rebalancing prices are accurate and reliable. Independent developers will also be able to make use of this oracle functionality to build applications on Opera, and we will provide documentation for integration and maintenance shortly.

To best support the Fantom community and ecosystem with the launch, we'll be rolling these features out separately rather than all at once. As these products may be unfamiliar to a portion of our community, we anticipate an increase in the volume of support requests and questions during the period immediately following launch.

The functionality of fLend is much more forgiving than fTrade if any mistakes are made due to lack of understanding or unfamiliarity. Also, fLend offers a more foundational base for other products such as fTrade to build on. Therefore, we've decided the order for release should follow this logic for the most significant educational impact.

Our goal is not only to guide users through the functions they're performing, but also to educate and encourage learning about the benefits, risks, and considerations behind each action. Team-led support is perfect for bootstrapping the network quickly and efficiently. However, as we add products like Fantom Finance to the ecosystem, we recognize the need for a scalable approach. With a gradual rollout, we are equipping our current community with the knowledge and skills required to act as an extension of our support by offering guidance and assistance to future users as the first point of contact.