Fantom Bi-weekly update | 19th October 2020

Fantom Bi-weekly update | 19th October 2020

A recap of the last two weeks in the Fantom universe!

fUni is live! Uniswap on Fantom

Last Thursday we cloned Uniswap and brought it to Fantom.

You can trade tokens on Fantom much faster and cheaper than on Ethereum, and provide liquidity with your fUSD and FTM.

Right now you can trade fUSD and wFTM, and developers can deploy other tokens just like on Ethereum.

Access fUNI in your PWA wallet or at with Metamask.

  • Trade: Non-custodial, no KYC, instant and at low costs
  • Add liquidity: Earn trading fees

LunarCrush livestream

Our CEO Michael Kong and our marketing manager Simone Pomposi were guests of Lunarcrush's podcast.

Fantom is constantly trending on Twitter, so @Joevezz and @jonfarjo wanted to find out the reason of the success. The short answer to that is our phenomenal community. Shout out to all the supporters!

Make sure to check out the podcast if you missed it!

We talked about:

  • What Fantom is and what we're working on
  • Fantom's role in DeFi
  • Fantom's commitment to fix real-world problems, starting with Afghanistan


Should I use my FTM for staking or minting?

We often hear this questions from Fantom's community members.

In this article, we explain the pros and cons for you and why both are important for Fantom.

The advantages of Fantom Finance

Fantom Finance is a feature-rich DeFi suite. You can mint the fUSD stablecoin, trade, borrow, and lend tokens. DeFi on Fantom is composable, cross-chain interoperable, and of course, fast, cheap and secure.

Check out the full article.

fUNI stats

After just three days, liquidity providers have already added 7.9m wFTM and 230k fUSD to fUni! Almost 20% of the minted fUSD is now on fUNI.

What a start 🥳🦄

Join Hassan with Arca and Qiao Wang (Accelerate DeFi) for a deep dive into new investment trends in DeFi while taking a step back to understand how to value current DeFi protocols.

  • Square Puts 1% of Total Assets ($50m) in Bitcoin. Story

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