AWS: Creating a Game on Fantom

AWS: Creating a Game on Fantom

We are excited to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a workshop on its platform geared toward teaching Web3 developers skills for building decentralized fantasy games on the Fantom blockchain; anyone interested in learning these skills can participate in the workshop or follow along at their own pace.

The Web3 Development on Fantom workshop will expose participants to a diverse range of fundamental concepts through Web3 gaming. Additionally, learning development through game creation has shown to keep learners engaged more effectively than creating basic, non-immersive programs.

AWS Web3 Game Development on Fantom

The Web3 Development on Fantom workshop is hosted on AWS’s cloud infrastructure and consists of 4 labs currently and will increase to 5 in total over time. Each lab consists of multiple steps that guide participants through the process of building all aspects of a fantasy game on Fantom.

Furthermore, each lab builds on the previous one, and at the end, developers will have a fully interactive and immersive gaming experience. Let's take a closer look at the contents of each lab:

Set Up the Wallet

In the first lab, participants will learn how to set up a MetaMask wallet and connect it to the Fantom testnet. This step is crucial to prepare for development on Fantom and ensures developers have a functioning environment to build and test their applications. Additionally, having a wallet will allow creators to have full control over their assets, characters, and items.

Chance in the Blockchain

The second lab dives into the fundamental topics that are essential for creating an engaging game experience. Participants will explore concepts such as randomness in the blockchain and leverage Chainlink VRF to introduce an element of chance in their game. The lab culminates in a demo on how the VRF works through the creation of a 12-sided dice that users can roll to win awards. Each dice will live in its own unique smart contract that lives on the Fantom blockchain.

Create a Fantasy Game

In the third lab, participants will put their newly-learned skills to the test by creating a fantasy game. They will learn how to develop a smart contract that enables players to create characters as NFTs which then can be sent on missions to earn XP.

Create a UI

The fourth lab will teach participants how to create a simple user interface (UI) for their fantasy game. The UI is how users will play each game and will be hosted on AWS Amplify, a service that allows users to build full-stack web and mobile apps.

AWS Fantom Blockchain Game Word Cloud

Participants of the workshop are expected to have a basic understanding of Solidity. Additionally, AWS recommends beginners complete the Web3 Development workshop first, which includes lessons on basic blockchain concepts, such as what a blockchain is and how to use it.

The Web3 Development on Fantom workshop presents a unique opportunity for future builders to acquire valuable skills in Web3 development and explore the exciting potential of blockchain technology. Whether you are an experienced developer looking to expand your repertoire or a beginner interested in entering the world of decentralized applications, this workshop will provide a structured and engaging learning experience.

Gaming is expected to play a vital role in the global adoption of blockchain technology, helping to onboard millions of new users around the world. As such, this workshop also helps to inspire developers across the entire technology landscape to explore blockchain game development.

Developers can visit the AWS Workshop Studio to sign up for the workshop.