Announcing Artion, The Fantom NFT Marketplace

Announcing Artion, The Fantom NFT Marketplace

It’s finally here! Today we’re launching the beta version of Artion, an NFT marketplace built on Fantom.

Artion is feature-filled, open-source, fast, and inexpensive: 0% commissions, with the near-zero transaction costs and fast finality that you are used to.

Key features

Metamask and Coinbase Wallet integrations

You can access Artion with MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet.

Artion supports Fantom-based ERC20 tokens, beginning with fUSDT, USDC, DAI, and wFTM. Future releases will add support for even more tokens.

Low minting fees and 0% commissions on sales

Artion charges a 10 FTM for minting NFTs and there are no commissions on sales. Additionally, creators can set royalties at the time of minting and earn revenue on secondary market sales.

The usual low-cost transaction fees apply across the platform.

Chainlink Price Feeds are natively integrated to support secure and accurate crypto-to-crypto transactions directly within our marketplace. Users can easily list NFTs in a stable value asset like USD and then purchase on-demand in another cryptocurrency using Chainlink for real-time exchange rates.

Our initial integration supports the following Chainlink Price Feeds: FTM/USD, wFTM/USD, fUSDT/USD, USDC/USD, and DAI/USD, with more to come in the future.

ERC721 support

For the Beta release, Artion will support the ERC721 NFT token standard. On Artion you can mint NFTs easily, with no coding required. All digital assets are stored on the IPFS.

Like other popular NFT marketplaces, Artion can track and display registered NFTs and NFT collections deployed on Fantom. By verifying collections they created elsewhere, creators can receive royalties from sales of their work on Artion.

wFTM wrapper

A built-in swap station allows users to wrap/unwrap FTM/wFTM without needing to leave the platform.

Streamlined UX

We’ve designed a streamlined, easy-to-use system.

Artion is built for fast loading and responsiveness to match the unparalleled throughput on the Fantom network. Artion is no-code and allows creators to focus on their works rather than worrying about smart contracts.

Enhanced Profiles and Email Alerts

Artion users can also create detailed user profiles. This feature lets creators offer rich content to their community.

You can follow a user to stay up to date with their activity on Artion, or like a particular NFT and receive alerts if it is put up for sale.

Email Alerts are currently received when you follow a user’s profile. Whenever they list a new NFT for sale, you’ll be the first to know.

Buying, Selling, and Auctions

Artion offers different options for buying and selling NFTs.

Set price

Sellers can specify a sale price. If the buyer accepts, the NFT is sold. Conversely, buyers can make an offer, which sellers can choose to accept or decline.


When selling an NFT at auction, sellers specify a starting bid, a reserve price (a minimum price that the seller will accept), and a start- and end-time for the auction. Some of these parameters may be modified once the auction is underway.

Note that once a bid has been placed, it cannot be withdrawn. Bids are first sorted by highest to lowest, and then by earliest to latest.

At the end of a successful auction, the seller signs a transaction to send the NFT to the buyer. The seller receives funds escrowed in the auction smart contract on behalf of the buyer (minus any royalties).

NFT Bridge

The next release of Artion will add a built-in version of Anyswap'sEthereum-Fantom NFT bridge for interoperability with Ethereum, making Artion the first cross-chain NFT marketplace. Creators and collectors hindered by transaction fees and commissions will be able to easily port their collections to Fantom.

Roadmap for Future releases

  • Create ERC-721 or ERC-1155 collections
  • ERC-1155 support and tracking
  • Expanded email notifications
  • Support for ERC-2981: NFT Royalty Standard
  • Support for additional ERC-20 payment options
  • And much much more!

Why Artion? Why Now?

The NFT markets are expanding exponentially. In the first half of 2021, NFT sales soared to $2.5B versus just $13.7M for the first half of 2020.

On Fantom, creative NFT projects have multiplied, with many collections like Ancestral Umans, BitUman, Fantom Waifus, Fantom Punks, and StrangeBrew selling out almost immediately.

Fantom’s own Andre Cronje recently released Rarity, an ongoing development adventure game built on NFTs. Within days of release, Fantom users minted almost 3 million NFTs, each of which represents a character in the game.

Artion responds to the incredible, pent-up demand for NFTs that the successes of Fantom-based projects indicate. Artion is easy to use, it offers NFT holders an easy way to buy and sell NFTs across collections, and most of all, it empowers artists and creators seeking to showcase and sell their work.

Here at Fantom, we are true believers in the potential of the Creator Economy to directly connect anyone with their audiences without intermediaries. But a true Creator Economy simply isn’t possible when one needs coding knowledge to mint an NFT, and tens or even hundreds of dollars in up-front fees to simply interact on a platform.

Our mission, in short, is to unburden creators of the high-fees and constraints that limit the potential of imagination.

Artion is open-source

Artion’s code is open source, and we encourage anyone to review, contribute, fork, and deploy your own versions of an NFT marketplace on Fantom!

There’s lots more to come from Artion, so please keep up with the Fantom blog and Twitter for further updates and announcements!